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  • Blockchain and the Law

    You may have a passing familiarity with BitCoin and other crypto-currencies, but how much do you know about the technology behind them? “Blockchains” are decentralized public ledgers, capable of recording and verifying transactions beyond just currency. Theoretically they could be used to record land titles, create smart contracts to automate escrows, or register and license copyright—and much more. Read Full Article
  • LGBT Rights in the June Collection Spotlight

    For Pride Month, the Library is highlighting collection resources on the history of gay rights legislation and litigation as well as books with practice advice for attorneys representing gay clients in business, employment and family matters. Read Full Article
  • Getting the Most out of HeinOnline

    Your HeinOnline subscription through the Social Law Library gives you instant access to millions of legal documents. But because HeinOnline has such a wealth of material, it can be overwhelming to formulate and run a search—and no one has time to sift through thousands of results in the off chance that one of them is exactly on point. Read Full Article

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